Healthy Recipes for Moms

Minimize your dinnertime craziness!


My two healthy little eaters, eating!

My Two Healthy Eaters

This blog is full of recipes that I have come to like ever since becoming a stay-at-home mom and being responsible for cooking for four people. My apologies for the sexist title, as these recipes would be just as good for dads, but I thought I might catch more folks if I mentioned moms. The recipes are not necessarily super quick, but I like them because generally they have basic not-too-fancy ingredients, minimal number of pots/pans, healthy ingredients, and some disguised vegetables that fussy eaters might not notice. Most of them also are make-aheads, such as casseroles and crockpot recipes. That way there isn’t much to do at the last minute, when kids are often fussing and the working spouse is just getting home from work. So anyway I hope you enjoy them!


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